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What's the process of interview training?
After the the payment, you'll get an email with a link to your personal account where you'll find useful materials, including check-lists, online masterclasses as well as the links to the interviews.

The interview will take place on a platform, the interface of which is similar to Zoom. Your interviewer will be asking questions and your answers will be recorded. The interview is around 40-60 minutes long depending on the company and position you have chosen.

After the interview you'll get an email with a link to the recorded video. You'll be able to watch yourself answering the questions and compare this to the recommended answers of Aimfly. You'll be also able to get the feedback from the HR.
What's the way of getting the experience similar to the real interview?
Aimfly team has carried out a substantial research regarding the recruitment process within different companies and industries. It has done interviews with HR and recruiting managers. During this research our team has carefully studied what competences they are looking for and how they are assessing them in their candidates.

You can be absolutely sure that the experience obtained as part of our interview training will be 90% similar to your actual interview.
How can I increase my chances of getting accepted into top companies?
We are convinced that successful passing of an interview is a skill that can only be developed through constant practicing.

That is why we recommend our clients practicing as much as possible. Thanks to the Aimfly interview simulator you can do it at any place and any time.

In order to increase the chances of getting an interview to your dream company, we have included some useful content which will help you get noticed among other candidates during the screening process:
  • Guide how to write a great CV
  • Checklist how to create a motivational letter
  • 3 examples of effective CVs
  • 3 examples of effective motivational letters
  • Masterclass with some tips and tricks on how to apply to top companies
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You will learn how to structure information, how to highlight the important points and draw attention to yourself. With a CV like this your chances of passing the screening grow many times
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